Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Hunger In The World - Somalian Hunger Relief

Hunger is one of the most concerned problem in the world. One of the most suffering country from hunger is Somalia. Two back-to-back seasons of inadequate rains have prevented the country's agricultural infrastructure from producing enough food to cover the needs of its people, and as a result roughly 3.7 million Somali citizens are in need of assistance. The situation is so dire in some parts of Somalia that the UN has declared it a famine which could spread throughout the entire country in as little as two months.

There's many way for you to support them. Who say you can't help them with playing a game? Last weekend, charity event is held for them. A group of intrepid gamers have taken it upon themselves when help is needed most. The event is called Somalian Hunger Relief. This event is different from other event. While other event we can only support charity with help or donations, in this event, either we make donations or by PLAY GAMES.

Battlefield community site Don't Revive Me Bro has joined forces with pro gaming organization Quantic Gaming, fellow community resource Battlefieldo, and DICE--Developer of Battlefield Series--'s own Daniel Matros to produce First Person Saviors, a 24-hour Battlefield: Bad Company 2 event benefiting Somalia's people.

The event is held from 9 AM GMT. There's special server named "Somalian Hunger Relief SHR Server". Play there, and you'll be same as make a donation. Donations will be accepted by Gamers Outreach, 100 percent of which will be passed along to the World Food Programme to aid in their humanitarian efforts. A little help is much appreciated by them. So act now, and save millions!


The Time to Come

The time to come. Or to be simpler, we may call it as "future". As a human, we must think and keep looking forward to the future, keep looking to the things in front of us, things we are going to face. There are many things to be told and to be prepared to face the future, but the most urgent need now is to think about our earth. Our planet. Where we were born and where we are raised and also the place where we all will be died. Earth is our home and we should take care of it. The truth we're facing now is, the earth is getting more and more damaged each day because of humans' behavior. What should we do? OF COURSE WE HAVE TO KEEP THE EARTH AWAY FROM THE DESTRUCTION. How? We have to pay more attention to earth, such as:

1. Reuse the used goods that are still in well condition, such as paper bag or plastic bag you get from the mart. Instead of throwing them away, it will be better if you reuse them.
2. Reduce using unsustainable stuffs, such as fossil fuel, etc. Also reduce the usage of stuffs that take years to degrade such as plastic bags.
3. Recycle things, like the old newspapers into a recycled paper.
4. Etc

There are so many things that can be done in order to save the earth. I have participated, how about you?

-By: Ardhinareswari Mahendrata (Dhinang)


     As we know, the earth that we live in is getting worse by a minute. The effect of global warning that starting to take place in our day is one of the examples. The decreasing of the forest and the natural disaster that getting brutal is another reason that our earth is in a very concerning place. Could you imagine what world would be in 50 years from now? How world going to be when people start to realize the damage that has been done to the earth? How if people doesn’t really care?
     The worst scene scenario is that the earth would be a chaos by the time of 2061. There wouldn’t be a green forest left in the world. The trees are all gone. Hundred hectare of forest will be vanishing by fires or illegal logging. The food (such a vegetable and fruit) will be hard to find. The animals that we easily see today maybe endanger.  Moreover, the people who live will be trying so hard to survive.
       The best scene scenario is that the earth would be a better place to live in. The forest will be increasing time by time. The innovation would be eco-friendly and help people to keep the earth as it is. Well, maybe better.
        In conclusion, the difference that has done to the world in 2061 is in our hands. If we keep living the way we life now, the world and all human raise maybe endanger. We must live more eco-friendly and do our best to keep the earth ‘healthy’. The year 2061 will be beautiful if we live right. 

By: Myrtyl

Group 1

Adhitya Rusman, Ardhinareswari Mahendrata, Anindya Nitya Samardhya, Dimas Ivaldi, and Myrtyl Sri Wahyuni Santos